The Other Side

New Confessions - The Other Side

New Confessions - The Other Side is the title of the comic book series created by a group of Italian cartoonists, the Crossover Studio, which is based on the story told in the Live Action project.
These books will be published for free online from September on a monthly basis and, as in the web series, will present other aspects of the plot and the main characters, precisely the other side of New Confessions.
Each book has about 3 pages and is made by a different cartoonist.  All the stories are written by Riccardo Riande.
The idea is to create a crossover between the comic book and the video project.

Crossover Studio

The collective Crossover Studio was founded in Turin in 2011, by some writers and artists (some amateurs, other already established authors) who felt the need to disseminate and publish their work in illustration and comics. It's a group with an heterogeneous formation, which, little by little, has built their work team. The core is formed by Emiliano Fiumara, Marianne Kaufmann and Valerio Bonandini, but over the years other authors have joined to the group.
Crossover Studio's books are entirely self-produced and printed in private printing houses, in print runs between 250 and 500 copies. They don't respond to any type of creative constraint or censorship. The books are available both online and in many comic stores in Turin.

"Crossover" is also the name of the first project of the Studio, a semi-annual anthology miniseries of three numbers.
"Crossover" is the title of the magazine, but also the manifesto of the whole project, which aims to explore, through thematic books, from time to time, various narrative genres and different atmospheres.

You can read each issue of this magazine as single story and it's in a specific literary genre.
Numerous cartoonists (some professionals, other newcomers), illustrators, writers and graphic designers collaborate to each new issue of "Crossover", to create a anthology that comes between different styles and narrative approaches.
The publication began in April 2011 with the number 1, "Post Mortem", a horror project, whose main theme is the zombies, and continues with the number 2, "Ex Machina", which has a sci-fi cut.
The covers of major authors in the world scene (Charlie Adlard, Laura Spianelli, Bruno Brindisi), paginated with minimal cutting from the graphic Marianne Kaufmann, seem to make much hold on the public, who is interested from the start to the miniseries.

The feedback of readers and insiders are positive: the ordinations then have squirted skyrocketing thanks to the valuable contribution of the dubber Ivo De Palma, who made a promotional video for "Ex Machina". De Palma masterfully interprets the protagonist of the story "Majadi" contained in the albo and also provides extensive information on our work interviewing Samantha Brown (author of "Majadi"), Emiliano Fiumara (coordinator of Crossover Study) and Daniela Massa (holder of GuruGuru, one of the comics that distribute Crossover).

In 2012 we are in the comic stores with the end of the miniseries, titled "Arcanum", which focuses on fantasy genre. Meanwhile, an app for mobile was made available to read "Crossover" on tablets, made by Emanuele Fiumara.

In 2013, the Crossover Studio working on two projects: the publication of the register nonprofit "Little Red Riding Hood", the result of a laboratory with 11/16 years guys (produced and printed by the Casa Nostra Association, which deals minors and mothers with children in need), and the book "Crossover: Inferno", in collaboration with Ivo De Palma.

In 2014 is put into the yard the first self-contained volume of Crossover Study, scheduled for 2016. Title of work: "Isabel dei sogni". Meanwhile, the authors Emiliano Fiumara and Irene Fornari publish in 2015 the book for children "10 Simple Rules to not fall into the traps of the monsters."

Here are the cartoonists involved:
- Emiliano Fiumara
- Mariacristina Musicco
- Cristian Polizzi
- Christian Torredimare

You can find all news about the Crossover Studio HERE.