Unterwegs zur Sprache

In 1959 Martin Heidegger published a set of essays and reflections about "language", where he argued that language itself should speak for us and not the contrary. Photography allows exactly that and so, last summer, I've made this series of shots to a couple of friends who asked me to be photographed in exchange of their ospitality.

We had no particular ideas, my job was just to let the photos speak and so the story of an approach between two people came out and they've decided to share a moment of particular intimacy with a silent spectator. I publish these shots because they are different from those I usually made, here there are no predefined intentions, there's no planning, here there's only a language, the photographic language, which speaks for me, nothing else.

They went slowly into the bedroom and there they started to love each other.

Animal Hearts

"Animal Hearts" is the title of the series of images taken by Riccardo Riande, Italian-Mexican photographer who during his stay in London he photographed a group of young models from different countries and has combined their photos with pictures of some animals.
The animal spirit is matched by the young age of the models, all between 16 and 18 years, as to communicate the desire to grow and the desire to form their own character that is modeled precisely during adolescence. Animals are therefore a symbol of the potential shown by the young and his hidden desires.
Smoke is the element that amalgamates the two subjects and that makes everything evanescent, as evanescent and nuanced often the adolescence is that, between shadows and glares, is the age of the formation.

"Animal Hearts" è il titolo della serie di immagini realizzate da Riccardo Riande, fotografo italo-messicano che durante la sua permanenza a Londra ha fotografato un gruppo di giovanissimi modelli di varie nazionalità e ha combinato le loro foto con le immagini di alcuni animali. 

Lo spirito animale si sposa con la giovane età dei modelli, tutti tra i 16 e i 18 anni, come a voler comunicare la voglia di crescere e il desiderio di formare il proprio carattere che si modella proprio durante l'adolescenza. Gli animali sono quindi il simbolo del potenziale espresso dal giovane e dei suoi desideri più nascosti.
Il fumo è l'elemento che amalgama i due soggetti e che rende tutto più evanescente, come evanescente e sfumata spesso è l'adolescenza che, tra le ombre e abbagli, è l'età della formazione.

Project created in London - 2015
Models: Megan Goncalves, Sol Harding, Charlotte Weston, Georgiee Eloisee, Jordan Lamarca, Laurie Faulkner, Pippa Christian, Jay Kamiraz
MUAs: Sylwia Kunysz, Vanessa Chester, Sharan Bahra
Hair Stylists: Yoko Shimada
Agency: Triple Threat UK